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From the Science Committee

Posted by Vickie Norton at 1/31/2017

What an exciting night Doby's Mill families experienced on Tuesday, January 24.  This night was our annual Family Science Night planned by the Science Committee.  This year our theme was robotics.  Several stations were set up where students and their families could interact with technology. 


Volunteers from the University of South Carolina's Assistive Robotics and Technologies Lab demonstrated various activities their robots could perform.  DME families were able to play a game, "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" with two adorable humanoid robots.  These robots even danced for us!


The Kershaw Robotics team allowed our students to use joystick controls to make their huge robot pick up a ball, turn, move, and release the ball. Their mission is to help students develop a deeper interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields, inspiring those in a fun way and encouraging those for a gracious pathway for a better future.


Then, our very own LEGO robotics Team 787 also demonstrated various tasks that their autonomous robots could perform after using specific codes programmed in the robots.


DME families also had a chance to work at the 3D Augmented Reality station.  This station used IPADS and a special APP to make their illustrations come to life. 

Students who attended were given a homework pass, a Dolphin Dollar, and a chance to win a door prize.  The winners of the door prizes were: Jack Hinks, Colt Aldrich, Victoria Potter, Landon Strouch. and Landon Cecil.


Thank you again for your support of science and technology.  And, thanks to the 100+ parents and students who attended this fun, interactive night!