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From the Principal

  • Dates to Remember

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/17/2017


    March 17 – Teacher Workday – Students do not attend.

    March 20 – 4th nine weeks begins

    March 21 – PTA 1st grade performance of “When I Grow Up” at 6:00 p.m.

    March 22 – Spring pictures (Individual & K Cap & Gown)

    March 23 – Report Cards

                      3 – 5 Robotics Dance

    March 24 – DME PBIS Mini Relay

    March 28 – Choraliers’ Sonic Night 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

    March 31 – Youth Arts DME Talent Show

    April 7 – K – 2 Field Day

    April 10 – 14 – Spring Break                  

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  • South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS)

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/16/2017

    Dear Parents,

    The South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) is a statewide assessment in science and social studies administered to students in grades four through eight.  SCPASS test items are aligned with the South Carolina Academic Standards for each content area describe what schools are expected to teach and what students are expected to learn. Academic standards also include indicators that are statements of the specific cognitive processes and the content knowledge and skills that students must demonstrate to meet the grade-level standards. The format of SCPASS and SC READY tests consist of multiple-choice items. These tests will be administered on the computer.


    Three performance levels were established to reflect the continuum of knowledge and skills exhibited by students on the SCPASS:  Exemplary, Met, and Not Met.


    • Exemplary- The student demonstrated exemplary performance in meeting the grade level standard.
    • Met- The student met the grade level standard.
    • Not Met- The student did not meet the grade level standard.


    The South Carolina College- and Career- Ready Assessments (SC READY) is a statewide assessment that includes tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics administered to students in grades 3-8. SC READY test items have been developed by the contractor and aligned to the 2015 South Carolina College- and Career- Ready Standards for English language arts and for mathematics.  Standards describe what schools are expected to teach and what students are expected to learn. Academic standards are statements of the specific cognitive processes and the content knowledge and skills that students must demonstrate to meet the grade-level standards.


    Four performance levels were established to reflect the continuum of knowledge and skills exhibited by student on the SC READY ELA and mathematics tests:  Exceeds, Meets, Approaches, and Does Not Meet Expectations.


    Exceeds Expectations- The student exceeds expectations as defined by the grade-level content standards.

    Meets Expectations- The student meets expectations as defined by the grade-level content standards.

    Approaches Expectations- The student approaches expectations as defined by the grade-level content standards.

    The ELA test will be administered in two sessions over the course of two days with one session administered per day.  Session 1 of the ELA test will include a text-dependent analysis (TDA) item where students will read a passage and write an extended response, using information from the passage to support their answer. Both sessions of the ELA tests and the mathematics test will contain a variety of other items types to include selected-response (SR), evidence-based selected-response (EBSR), and technology-enhanced (TE).


    The following schedule will be used:

    April 19

    Field Testing - ELA


    3, 4, 5



    SC Ready: ELA- Writing


    4, 5

    April 26

    SC Ready: ELA- Writing



    May 10

    SC Ready: ELA- Reading


    4, 5

    April 27

    SC Ready: ELA- Reading



    May 16

    SCPASS: Social Studies


    4, 5

    May 2

    SC Ready: Math

    Grade 3, 4, 5

    May 17

    SCPASS: Science


    4, 5

    Please continue to encourage your child to practice typing at home and to provide you proof or evidence in passages that he/she reads to you. We encourage all of our students to eat a healthy breakfast on the morning of testing and to get a good night’s rest.  We are confident that our students are prepared for the upcoming tests! Thanks for your continued support!


    Ginger Catoe, Principal

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  • Nurse's News - When Should I Keep My Child Home From School?

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/15/2017


    It’s that time of year when there are many illnesses making their way through our classrooms.

    If your child is sick, please be mindful of these things:

    1. Does your child’s illness keep your child from comfortably taking part in activities?
    2. Does your sick child need more care than the staff can give without affecting the health and safety of other children?
    3. Could other children get sick from being near your child?

     According to the DHEC School Exclusion list, you should keep your child home if they vomit 2 or more times in a 24 hour period, or for vomiting with a fever.

     Also, keep your child home for a fever of 101 degrees by mouth (100 degrees under the arm).  If your child has a fever of 100 degrees, with flu-like symptoms such as cough and/or sore throat, they should be excluded from school.  DHEC Guidelines also state that children should be fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.), before returning to school.

     We ask, for the wellness of the students and staff, that you please consider these guidelines when deciding whether or not your child should come to school.  At DME, we want your child’s school day to be a productive, happy, healthy one!

     If you have any questions, please call the school nurse at 438-4055, ext. 8453.

    Bonnie Luke, RN-School Nurse

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  • Archery News

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/14/2017

    Congratulations to the Doby's Mill Archery Team for making it to State! Our team finished 8th out of all the elementary teams that competed in the 5 regionals across the state. Way to go!

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  • State Regional Science Fair

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/13/2017

    From the Science Committee

    A big shout out goes to the following students who attended the state regional science fair in Columbia! Regionals Participants are:

    • Matthew Cole
    • Grace Hill
    • Sara Woodham
    • Presley Millett

     We are all so very proud of you!

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  • Don't forget that this weekend - Time to SPRING FORWARD!

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/10/2017
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  • 2017-2018 School Calendar

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/9/2017

    2017-2018 School Calendar

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  • Kershaw County Adult Education

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/6/2017

    Kershaw County Adult Education

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  • Health, Fitness, and Conservation Fair on March 7, 2017

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 3/1/2017

    Come join us on March 7, 2017 for our Health, Fitness, and Conservation Fair from 5:30-7:00 p.m.  It is FREE!


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  • Pastries for Pastors - March 3, 2017 at 7:15 a.m.

    Posted by Vickie Norton at 2/27/2017
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  • healthy

    Health, Fitness, and Conservation Fair

    Our annual Health, Fitness, and Conservation Fair is March 7, 2017.  Any business or vendor in the area that wishes to participate in that capacity is encouraged to contact Mr. John Folger at 803-438-4055 extension 8428 or, to recieve additional information.


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  • Grades Parent Portal

    Kershaw County School District's Parent Portal is open for use.  Parents may access existing accounts or see their school to set up and account.  There will also be a mobile option this year.  Parent's can download the Parent Portal app via iPhone/iPad and register with the district code CQQZ.  We are excited about this new feature but would like to remind parents that the district itself does not support the app.  The portal can also be accessed using your mobile browser.  Any questions please feel free to give us a call, 803-438-4055.
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  • Nurse Excuse Reminders:

    • You must send in an excuse within 5 days of returning to school.
    • Excuses can be a doctor’s excuse or a written parent note.
    • It must state reason for absence.
    • It must be signed by parent or guardian.
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  • Publix Partners

    Publix Partners School Cards 

    Help raise money for Doby's Mill Elementary by shopping and using our Publix Partners School Card!
    All purchases at Publix will help earn money for Doby’s Mill Elementary. You can support our school by using your Publix Partners Card at checkout. Family and friends are welcome to use Doby's Mill Publix Partners Cards too!
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  • Box Tops for Education

    Box Tops for Education

    Help raise money for Doby's Mill Elementary by clipping coupons off of the groceries marked "Box Tops for Education." You can also register online and shop through to earn bonus points for our school!
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  • Labels for Education Labels for Education

    Our LIFE program is collecting UPCs from any Pepperidge Farm participating products and UPCs from any Campbell family of brands participating products. You can have your child place them in a box in the rotunda or have your child give them to Ms. Norton. Your help is greatly appreciated!

     Labels for Education  

     Eligible Products

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    DME is thrilled to have been awarded the 21st Century Grant, LIFE Program.  

    The primary goal of the LIFE program is to provide academic intervention and enrichment to help the students. The focus of the program is assisting the students with their homework. The staff also provides instruction using the LitART Curriculum, which uses books and novels to engage students in skill building.  There are also activities focused on STEM skills as well as field trips, special guests, and other exciting opportunities for your child.  An afternoon snack is provided daily. The LIFE program runs on normal school days from dismissal until 5:25 p.m.  The program does not run when there is no school or an early dismissal.  

    Attendance is vital!  Please, unless illness or an emergency, plan for your child to be at the LIFE program.  If you need to pick your child up before 5:25, come to DME’s front office.  You can sign-out your child there.  Students with excessive absences will be removed from the program, so that students on the waiting list can take advantage of this opportunity.  The number of students who are allowed to participate in this program is limited! 

    If you have any other questions, concerns, or praises, please feel free to contact us, 803-438-4055, Vickie Norton, Campus Director, at, or Virginia Catoe, Principal, at

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  •  Be Great Academy

    Registration for the Be Great Academy’s Fall after school program is now open!  Come join us for award winning fun programs focused on achieving academic success, healthy life styles and character development!  After school care will begin the first day of school and run from school dismissal until 6:30 PM on school days. Participants will receive snack daily and have the opportunity to complete each day’s homework during our Power Hour program.  Visit for more information and to complete the online registration.
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Dolphins Pride


Our Philosophy

The Doby’s Mill Elementary School family is committed to providing opportunities for academic, social, and character growth for our students.  By encouraging and assisting in the development of socially responsible behavior, we believe maximum learning will take place.


Our Vision Statement

The vision of Doby's Mill Elementary School is to create a safe and enriched learning environment that promotes Winning Attitudes and Visions of Excellence with confidence, creativity, and success for everyone.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Doby's Mill Elementary School, in partnership with our community, is to provide a safe, nurturing, and innovative learning environment that empowers students with knowledge and skills to become self-disciplined, responsible, and productive citizens.


School Beliefs

  1. Students, teachers, administration, parents and community share the responsibility for fulfilling the school's mission by addressing the needs of the whole child in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.
  2. Students must be active participants in their learning and aim to apply their knowledge in meaningful contexts in order to become life-long learners.
  3. Discipline, integrity and respect for individual differences are essential for a healthy learning community.
  4. Instructional strategies and practices incorporate a variety of learning activities to accommodate varied learning styles, needs and abilities.
  5. Student learning is the priority of the school.
  6. Integrating technology is essential to prepare students for success in an ever-changing global society.
  7. Continuous improvement ensures that the school's curriculum is innovative, creative, challenging, and exciting.
  8. The community of learners value and explore cultural diversity increasing students' understanding and respect of different people and cultures.
  9. Students' involvement in the arts is crucial in developing a rich learning experience through which various cultures, learning styles and creative outlets can be explored.
  10. Students develop healthy lifestyles by participating in physical fitness and health education activities.


The Fin-tastic Five Rules are:

  • Safety - We are safe.
  • Respect - We are respectful.
  • Orderly - We are orderly.
  • On Task - We are on task.
  • Property - We take care of property.