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  • Blaney Ball

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    Volunteer Information

    We no longer accept SLED checks as part of our volunteer application process.  Please visit the KCSD volunteer information page for more information.

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  • Box Tops for Education

    Boxtops Help raise money for Blaney clipping coupons off of the groceries marked "Box Tops for Education". You can also register online and shop through to earn bonus points for our school!


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  • Arrival & Departure Procedure

    Car Blaney Elementary is the largest elementary school in Kershaw County, and we are responsible for the safe dismissal of nearly 800 bus riders, walkers, and car riders. Your child's safety is our top priority. In order to safely and quickly dismiss your car riding child, please review and follow the traffic pattern shown on this Car Rider Map. Please contact the school office or your child's teacher if you have any questions.


    Parents of Afternoon Car Riders

    We are asking that you leave your child's name tag VISIBLE until your child is safely in your car. This practice will allow the duty personnel who are on the curb a visual and assistance in calling and helping your child into the car each afternoon.  This will make for a smoother, quicker dismissal.  Thank you for your assistance.
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Principal's Message

  • Mr. Yount

    A Message from the Principal

    It is a tough time of year on our bodies and so very important that we take care of ourselves and those around us. Try to get plenty of rest and if your child is sick, please don't them to school.
    I really appreciate the hard work our teacher and students are putting in right now. Parents, I am sure your students are complaining that their teacher is pushing them. It is true as we have to have them ready for the end of the state wide testing. Please help us by encouraging your students to do their very best everyday at school.
    Moms, please mark your calendars; Friday, February 10 is Muffins for Moms from 7:15-7:45 in our multipurpose room.
    There are some key dates in February and I am enclosing them below:
    February 6: School wide Dental Screening
    February 9: Class Pictures
    February 10 Muffins for Moms and Interims Come Home
    February 13 SIC meeting at 6:00
    February 16 Ident-A-Kid photos taken
    February 17 Students Dismissed at 11:30
    February 20 Weather Make-up Day/Student Holiday


    - Ed Yount, Principal

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A.P.'s Message

  • Krissi Butler

    A Message from the Assistant Principal

    It is February!  The Heart of Elgin is shining!  Please continue sending your children to school ready to learn by making sure they have a decent bedtime, a fulfilling dinner and breakfast, and a positive attitude!  It makes a world of difference in the effort they put forth during the instructional day.

    Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that some of our 4th grade students at our school have been selected to participate in the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as NAEP.  You may have heard of NAEP. The results are called The Nation’s Report Card because it measures student achievement across the country.  It is important because the results help the President, Congress, and all of our educators make decisions about how to improve our education system.  Not every student will be asked to take part in the assessment, so for those of you who are chosen to participate, we encourage you to take it seriously and do your best.  You will represent other students like yourselves, and you have a chance to have an impact on the future education policy decisions in the United States. Every student that is selected to participate makes a difference.  Our randomly selected students will take the NAEP test on Thursday, February 9, 2017.   Please feel free to contact me here at the school if you have any additional questions.  My extension is 2405.


    -- Mrs. Butler

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Muffins for Moms